I am a digital designer who specializes in user interface and information display. I help teams to turn vague ideas into useful, intuitive, and friendly websites and apps. Analyze, organize, and simplify. Make the complex clear. Detect and solve problems. Learn Spanish.

Rental Club

Rental Club is a b2b service for the rental of construction equipment.
The mission of Rental Club is to make the Russian market of construction equipment more transparent, safe and technological, by providing a platform where construction equipment owners and their customers can find each other, check each other's reliability, and conclude safe deals.

Create MVP for construction equipment rental service and develop it into the "Uber" for construction equipment

Designer (me)
Front-end developer
2 back-end developers
Customer support

  • Design research
  • Wireframes and prototypes
  • Mockups for web and mobile
  • Implementation supervision
  • Visual language


  • Figma for wireframes, prototypes and mockups,
  • Draw.io for user flows,
  • XMind for information architecture,
  • Slack for communication,
  • Yandex.Metrica for analytics
  • Adobe Illustrator for icons.
The project started with me working with the CEO to understand the idea, the market, and the customers, define the business model, and to communicate it to the team through wireframes and prototypes.
The user story:
Early wireframes:
The remote team discusses the design and sends it back to me with their ideas and concerns.
Diverse opinions make the product better. I listen to all doubts and suggestions, and either dispel or resolve them.

We've got a democracy: if the majority doesn't support a design solution, it doesn't pass through. So I have to provide very good rationales to convince the team.

Having started with rough wireframes, we arrived to the high-fidelity mockups through the process of successive improvements.
Working on mockups with responsive, relative and flow layout, and paying attention to the grid and the spacing system.
Working on the visual language, I keep the number of the components minimal, yet sufficient.
Through the mobile app construction equipment owners find job offers from various sources, apply for those offers or contact the job posters.
As the MVP is up and running, I'm currently working with the Rental Club team to observe users behavior, imagine new features, explore variations, and ship them while still iterating on those features.
My contribution
  • Design research
  • Wireframes and prototype for web
  • Mockups for web and mobile
  • Implementation supervision
  • Design guidelines
Tools used
  • Figma for wireframes and mockups,
  • InVision for prototypes,
  • Draw.io for user flows,
  • XMind for information architecture,
  • Slack for communication,
  • Adobe Illustrator for icons.
Gabriela is a Russian clothing brand established in 2011 and has 8 branches in the Moscow area. It is an offline business, which was decided to expand on the web. Therefore Gabriela needed an online store.

I interviewed the owner, analyzed the existing website, and designed the new one.

Create templates for an online store in accordance with the brand identity and e-commerce best practices.

Project manager
Designer (me)

  • Requirements definition
  • Information architecture
  • Mockups
  • Illustrations

Product page
The user doesn't have to go far to learn about paying, shipping, and fitting options: all doubts are addressed at the product page.
Deleted product is available for restore, it will disappear completely next time the buyer opens her cart. I interviewed the owner, analyzed the existing website, and designed the new one.

New buyers are not annoyed with registration and check out straight away. Returning customers can login and have their data filled-in.
Alguin Jewelry Box
The problem. When you sell bijouterie and silver jewelry you want to wrap it in nice packaging, but you don't want to spend as much money as the jewelry itself. Which appeared to be the case. So I had to design a unique and pretty, yet budgetary wrapper, using the jewelry brand's logotype:
The solution: to make a box with a single A4 paper. It doesn't require glue to assemble. It's easy to disassemble, transport, and reassemble again. And there is even space for business cards and marketing materials.
The box can be printed in any color and still stay recognizable.

The purple box was decorated by my little nieces. The red pattern below was designed by the artist Carlos Navarro, and the other three by myself.
Other Projects
Enjoy Job is an online handbook on job searching and careers. I analyzed the website's structure, metrics, user behavior and made a redesign.
Happy World Shop and Happy World Lab. HWL was an online platform where artisans collaborate with buyers and create unique products for good causes.

I worked with the CEO to give form to his ideas and turn them into a web-interface.
Data SPb is a creative workshop of designer toys and gifts. I designed the mockups for their new website.
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